For release: 29 April 2022

  • Fuel children's success this spring & summer by eating out during the Fuel for Success campaign - Magic Breakfast aims to raise £280,000 or 1 million breakfasts to stop disadvantaged pupils falling even further behind their peers

  • Magic Breakfast is working with Hawksmoor and D&D London during May/June 2022 with a £1 voluntary donation being added to diners' bills to help support the campaign 

  • Children who are better prepared at the start of the school day have more focus and energy with better educational outcomes 

Children’s food charity Magic Breakfast is supporting children and schools during the 2022 exam season with Fuel for Success, helping children make the best start to the day during GCSEs and SATs by providing healthy nutritious breakfasts.  A study by the University of Leeds showed that children who rarely ate breakfast achieved nearly two grades lower than those who rarely missed their morning meal.1 

Magic Breakfast, the UK’s leading charity for breakfast provision has grown rapidly since 2019, with the charity now working with over 1000 schools across England and Scotland daily, providing healthy breakfasts to around 200,000 children, ensuring they start the day with the energy and nutrition needed to learn, throughout the school year and during the busy exam period. 

Fuel for Success is at the heart of the support offered to children and schools, helping children to better realise their potential, and subsequently access to improved life prospects.  Disadvantaged pupils are having their education put at risk due to hunger, after having already been disproportionally affected by learning loss during the pandemic and falling even further behind their peers.  

During the campaign, diners at Hawksmoor and D&D London restaurants will have a donation of £1 added to their final bill alongside an introduction to the work we are doing across the country.  Whilst donations made via The Big Give during the Fuel for Success campaign will be doubled with the support of our partners. 

Will Beckett, founder, Hawksmoor said, “A proper breakfast might sound like a simple thing to many of us, but feeding and nurturing a child with the resources they need to thrive and succeed has a huge impact that goes far beyond food. A good start to the day means a good start to life. It is really important to Hawksmoor that we’re able to make a difference not only to people visiting our restaurants but also to the communities we live and work in. Magic Breakfast is making a huge difference to thousands of lives every single day and I’m proud that we’re partnering with them on this game-changing campaign." 

David Loewi, MD, D&D London said, “We are proud to be partnering with Magic Breakfast on Fuel for Success and respect their tremendous effort and support given to schools and children today. D&D staff and customers alike, appreciate the value of nourishing and tasteful food, and the impact this has on families and communities. 

We hope that our fundraising efforts and volunteer work will play a significant part in helping drive awareness of the cause, financial aid and positive influence to aid children’s learning and development”. 

Lindsey MacDonald, Chief Executive at Magic Breakfast, said: “Fuel for Success encapsulates much of the work we do throughout the year at Magic Breakfast. Children are measured on their academic progress with SATs and GCSE, and we support them during their learning in the school year and during their exams as well.  Better school results go hand-in hand with better supported children as hungry children cannot learn. During this campaign we are extremely grateful to partnering with Hawksmoor and D&D London meaning we have the opportunity to showcase our work to their customers, and that additional donations during the exam season will be doubled by our link-up with The Big Give enabling us to support more families and children.” 

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 About Magic Breakfast 

Magic Breakfast is a registered charity providing healthy breakfasts to children in the UK who arrive at school too hungry to learn, and expert support to their schools. The charity works with over 1,000 Primary, Secondary, ASL/Special Educational Needs Schools, and Pupil Referral Units in disadvantaged areas of Scotland and England, offering breakfasts to over 200,000 children to ensure they start their school day with the energy and nutrition they need to be able to make the most of their morning lessons.  

For more information on Magic Breakfast, Fuel for Success or interview opportunities please contact Stephen Hart at Magic Breakfast or 07967 550463.