Our research

At Magic Breakfast we have developed a strong base of evidence, gathered over the last decade, which outlines both the key issues and the solutions to child morning hunger.

Our research aims to:

Test what works in schools and communities and the impact that breakfast has for children and young people.

Raise awareness of the root causes driving morning hunger. Develop solutions and make the case to decision makers for policy that removes hunger as a barrier to learning for all children and young people.

Our research spans different areas. From how school breakfast impacts educational attainment and attendance, to how to improve school breakfast delivery so it reaches all children at risk of hunger.

Benefits of breakfast

Educational attainment

Pupils in primary schools offering school breakfast achieved, on average, two months’ additional progress over a year compared to children in schools without a magic breakfast at key stage one.


Schools with Magic Breakfast have 26 fewer half-days of absence per year in a class of 30, compared to schools without.

Return on investment

Every £1 invested in school breakfasts can generate over £50 for the economy in the future.

Support for breakfast

8 in 10 children and young people agree it’s important to offer something to children to eat for breakfast at school. 

For more about the sector challenges and the difference that breakfast makes take a look at our fact file.

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8 January 2024

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