At Magic Breakfast we work with you to create a positive impact on the lives of children and young people, one breakfast at a time. We pride ourselves on developing strong relationships with individuals to build a better future for children, schools and families across England and Scotland so no child is too hungry to learn.

Three school children eating breakfast.

If you’re interested in collaborating with us

Making a donation over £5,000 or finding out more about our work, and the positive difference breakfasts can make, please get in touch with Nilly Sutton, Head of Philanthropy.

Our research areas


We hold online and in person events every year where you can learn more about our work, meet other funders, and senior Magic Breakfast staff.

Reports and impact

Our work is impact driven. We give all our funders detailed and bespoke reports so you can see the difference you’re making. 

School visit

Come on a school visit. This is an opportunity to see our breakfasts in person, meet children, teachers and school leaders and understand the impact you’re making.

Development advisors 

Our development advisors are a group of funders who work closely with us. They play a key role in supporting us to achieve our aims by raising awareness about our work and helping us expand our network.

School child concentrating while painting.

We have been supporting Magic Breakfast since 2019 – we were initially drawn to the simplicity and significant impact that having a healthy breakfast makes for young people in terms of progress and achievement, well-being and socialisation. The team at Magic Breakfast are thoughtful and keenly focused on delivering excellence to the schools and young people that they serve – tracking the impact of their programmes and making adjustments as needed. As our partnership has grown and evolved, we are very grateful for the clear and consistent communication that we receive.“

Erica Wax and Andrew Balls

Take a look at our latest annual report for more information

Annual report 2021-2022
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  • Number of pages: 74
  • Published: November 2022

1 in 4 children are at risk of hunger. You have the power to make a difference.

We can change this together. If you believe that every child should have the best start to their day, and to their life, we can’t wait to hear from you.

Every Magic Breakfast you support is an impactful investment. Our model of school breakfasts can generate long-term benefits to the economy of £9,200 per child.

Hear what supporting Magic Breakfast means to our funders:  

School child eating a piece of toast with jam.

The Jectus Charitable Trust are very happy to support Magic Breakfast. Quite simply, hungry children cannot learn. Children are our nation’s future so we are proud to have had a long relationship with Magic Breakfast who are helping to alleviate this terrible problem. They are regularly in contact with us and informative.”  

The Jectus Family Trust

Why do you support Magic Breakfast?

Since childhood, breakfast has been my favourite meal and one I cannot miss. I saw statistics of how many families cannot provide a reliable, nutritious breakfast for their children, and how the lack of nutrition means children struggle to learn. That makes it less likely that they will receive good grades, a job with prospects, and the poverty cycle repeats itself. Magic Breakfast was addressing this issue directly. When I made enquiries, I received a prompt and warm response, with all the data I had requested. That reassured me that the charity was well-organised, and able to make the most of any donation I was able to give them. It isn’t simply about being able to learn. Attendance levels rise considerably with breakfast, and the children form working relationships with teachers and pupils around them by eating together.

What was it like to visit a school with Magic Breakfast? 

The head teacher described how the area was deprived and local schools would often under-achieve according to national averages. The support from Magic Breakfast had made a huge difference. I could see this happening as children sat together to share breakfast. A nutritious meal and a quiet space clearly made a significant difference to them. Adult helpers had the opportunity to interact directly with individual children over the breakfast table and we could see how the children felt valued and listened to. The achievement statistics had improved dramatically. 

What would you say to others thinking about supporting Magic Breakfast?

I would recommend them to go ahead. What better way to support those in need then by helping to break the cycle of poverty, giving children the nutrition and support they need to see school as a place they want to go? Not only are they likely to have better qualifications, but also better-paying employment and a career rather than just a job. 

Three small children smiling and having breakfast

Want to find out more?

See the difference you could make?

Get in touch with Nilly Sutton, Head of Philanthropy.

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9 January 2024

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