Which products will we receive?

This depends on a few things, including your breakfast set up, equipment and preparation access, and the products available. We provide bagels, bread, a wide range of cereals, baked beans and are starting to introduce milk and eggs to some areas.

Why can’t you confirm the exact food my school will get?

Whilst we can’t guarantee an exact product due to donations, availability and price, you can pick and choose from our different categories so you get the variety you want. This includes carbohydrates, protein and dairy. We do this so that our schools get their hands on a selection of products each week and children and young people get to try different things.

Where do you get your food from?

We partner with some of the UK’s most trusted and widely recognised food brands, including Quaker, Heinz, Arla, Weetabix and Warburtons to name a few. The products supplied to our partner schools vary for logistical and supply reasons, but range from cereals, granola, porridge (including porridge oats and sachets), bagels, bread, baked beans, milk and eggs. Our aim is to provide a high quality, healthy and nutritionally diverse breakfast provision to suit your school and we are constantly working with food partners to develop and improve the range we offer. Please contact us if you’d like to know more.

Do I need to provide any other food products for my school’s breakfast, or do you cover everything?

Our breakfast offer is constantly evolving, but there may be supplementary products that we currently can’t provide as part of it, such as spread for toast for example. These can be discussed with your engagement partner and are dependent on your order.

What does the membership fee cover?

The membership fee provides a unique school journey which delivers positive impact on educational attainment, concentration, focus and behaviour in the classroom through personalised expert support, advice and resources. Please note, you only pay 50% membership fee for the first year, and food is delivered directly to your door. We provide as much food as you need to reach all children at risk of hunger, at the start of the school day – we want you to feed all children in need. Deliveries range from healthy cereals, bakery products, porridge and beans. A ‘start up’ grant of £250 for essential resources to start or expand breakfast.

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17 June 2024

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