What’s for Breakfast?

Magic Breakfast makes a difference to over 200,000 children and young people every day by offering breakfasts and expert advice to tackle morning hunger in schools across England and Scotland. We exist to make sure no child or young person is too hungry to learn. 

My family are from Fermanagh in Northern Ireland and I grew up in Dagenham. My mum often used to invite children into our house for beans on toast after school. I remember watching them eating with urgency. My mum used to say they didn’t have enough at home to keep them going. That stayed with me.

Carmel McConnell MBE, Our Founder

Just 28p can provide a nutritious breakfast to a hungry child

Magic Breakfast offers over 200,000 breakfasts every day to children and young people in schools across England and Scotland.

Magic Breakfast research shows:

Help level the playing field

As we see children fall behind their wealthier peers, we need to act quickly before all the damage is done, before all their potential is lost. Will you help children and young people get the best possible start in life?

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