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Throughout May and June, support thousands of children and young people by eating out at our partner restaurants.

May marks the beginning of exam season for millions of children and young people across the country. This is a crucial moment for students, years of hard work build up to this moment. The sad reality is that despite those efforts, not every pupil sitting down and opening their papers will have an equal chance atsuccess; up and down the country, tummies will be rumbling in silent exam halls. A study by Leeds University found that students who said they rarely ate breakfast achieved nearly two grades lower in their GCSEs than those who rarely missed their morning meal. We will not stand by and allow this to happen. At Magic Breakfast we believe that every child and young person should have the opportunity to reach their dreams. That’s why we launched Fuel for Success!

When you’re hungry you get like, stomach pains, moody and grumpy and stuff. And you don’t want that. And some people just start dozing off.”

Elise, 10, Magic Breakfast Partner School

Join us throughout May and June, where we’re partnering with fantastic restaurants to raise awareness on the impact of hunger on student attainment in this key exam period. Participating restaurants will add an optional £1 donation to every bill asking diners to make a voluntary donation. £1 could fund 3 breakfasts, the impact you can make is huge.

Together we can fuel futures!

Anthony, 9, Magic Breakfast Partner School

Our participating restaurants include the below!

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31 May 2024

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