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What’s unique about Magic Breakfast (as well as our yummy breakfasts), is that every school will have a dedicated engagement partner assigned to them.

Your engagement partner is local to your region and will be there every step of the way to help you set up and manage your school breakfast. Our engagement partners are all managed by area managers who cover different regions in the UK. So you really do have a whole new Magic Breakfast family on hand.

Engagement and support team

Our engagement partners and area managers have varied backgrounds, including teaching, not for profit and corporate experience which gives them the skills, knowledge and understanding that allows them to support your school, children and young people in the best possible way.

Heads of Engagement and Support:

  • Ricky Simmons (England)

    Head of Engagement & Support

  • Tracy Freeman (Scotland)

    Head of Engagement & Support

Meet the Area Managers:

  • Andrea

    Area Manager

    I am proud to work with engagement partners Emma, Sheri, Linda, Lisa, Hilary, Michala and Yvette to support schools in the north of England. Our area is full of thriving cities and picturesque rural villages with many pockets of need. These schools often don’t have access to the same opportunities or funding as other areas so we know that our support can help level up the communities we serve.

  • Becky

    Area Manager

    I lead a passionate team of two engagement partners and two business development leads. Lucy and Carina support schools in a variety of London boroughs and across Sheffield, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire. Fiona and Alison are driving new business to work in partnership with local authorities to support more schools through commissioned income.

  • Lyndsey

    Area Manager

    I lead a team of five engagement partners. Emma, Josie, Helena, Karen and Lauren do a fantastic job of supporting schools in Hertfordshire, London, Kent, Essex and along the south coast. They work across all London boroughs and offer a bespoke approach to the diverse and multicultural communities that we support.

  • Rachel

    Area Manager

    Pip, Jan, Sukhi, Sue and Amy are brilliant engagement partners who support schools from the southwest up to the midlands, London and the south coast. Our wide geographical area has densely populated cities and rural communities with varying levels of need; this requires us to be adaptable and tailor our approach to best support schools and their children and young people.

Supported by 22 engagement partners across England and Scotland.

Who else organises magic breakfasts?

Innovation team

The innovation team thinks about the future of breakfast: thinking about our products, our delivery, our support to schools and what else we can provide to help you to feed more children

Operations team

The operations team manages the food getting to schools. This involves making sure school orders are built, accurate, submitted for pick, pack and delivered. They also deal with any questions. The operations team ensure that product changes are carried out, changes to orders are made and any additional needs are captured.

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8 January 2024

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