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Apply to be a Magic Breakfast school

If you meet our criteria, you are welcome to apply to become a Magic Breakfast school by filling out the form below.

We cannot guarantee an immediate response or offer of support, but we will keep your application live on our system. When we are in a position to be able to offer support, we will be in touch with you to discuss your application. We sincerely appreciate your patience throughout this process.

Following the election of a Labour Government and their commitment to providing breakfast clubs at primary schools, we are liaising to better understand the timeline and details of the implementation.

Expression of Interest Form

If you are supported by NSBP or Greggs, you are not currently eligible for Magic Breakfast support. 

We would encourage you to apply once this support has ended.

 Please exit the form.

Please ensure that you complete one form per school, even if you are applying for support for multiple schools within an academy trust.

About Your School

For the following questions, please use/supply figures from your most recent census.  

School details
To find your URN please visit the Gov website here
To find your SEED please visit the Scottish Gov website here
School Address
Contact Details

School Statistics

Are there any particular challenges you are currently facing as a school?
Tick all that apply

Your Current Provision

What’s our eligibility criteria?


  • At least 35% of your pupils should be recorded as eligible for Pupil Premium


  • Primary – at least 55% of your pupils should be in Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD) Decile 1-4  
  • Secondary – at least 40% of your pupils should be in SIMD Decile 1-4


  • We don’t currently operate in Wales and Ireland but if you’re interested, please apply and we will contact you when this changes.

The breakfast club at Kingsland has an amazingly positive impact for children at the school, all of whom have severe and complex needs. Many pupils now transition into school more successfully and have developed their social and communication skills through the opportunities it provides. They have become more independent at start the day and ready to then engage in learning”

Paula Trow, Headteacher at Kingsland Primary School (Special)
Group of school children having breakfast

Want to find out more about setting up a breakfast in your school?

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16 July 2024

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