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At Magic Breakfast we believe no child should ever be too hungry to learn. We support schools in England and Scotland, and work with local authorities to feed children and help end child morning hunger for good.

We currently don’t offer services in Wales and Northern Ireland but we’re exploring opportunities to do so in the future. Our ambition is to grow even more so we can reach and support as many children and young people as possible across the whole of the UK.

We work with primary, secondary, additional support for learning schools (Scotland), special educational needs schools (England) and pupil referral units (Scotland). We work with 200,000 children and young people every school day.

We put the needs of children and young people at the heart of what we do. The schools we work with are in communities with high economic need. Our engagement partners (staff member at Magic Breakfast) work closely with school staff and volunteers to make sure we’re providing barrier free breakfasts for all. 

How we work

Breakfasts are funded through donations from individuals, trusts, our corporate partners and a membership fee from schools. 

Our incredible corporate partners give thousands of items of donated food every year. 

Our service delivery team makes sure that this food is used efficiently using portion calculations and their expert knowledge supports schools in targeting hungry children who need support the most. 

Our Magic Menu of up to 20 items offers choice for children while introducing them to a wide variety of food and nutrients.

We’ve demonstrated through research and collaborating with coalitions, think tanks, charities and academics that breakfast at school is central to supporting pupils’ learning, mental health and social skills.  

Delivering breakfast in schools is only one part of our work.

Magic Breakfast’s aim is to make sure that no child in the UK is too hungry to learn. Government action is needed to establish breakfast as essential to wrap-around childcare, making sure all children and young people can access breakfast. The work we do promotes the case for change, and we collaborate with representatives in all political parties to make our message heard and acted on.

To achieve long term change, we advise the Government and policy advisors in England and Scotland on the frameworks needed to address the root causes of child morning hunger. We use national-level data and produce insights to provide the evidence base for our recommendations and spark a broader conversation in the media and amongst the public.

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28 March 2024

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