At Magic Breakfast, we’re closing the gap one breakfast at a time. But we will only create a healthier and more equal society when we end child morning hunger for good.

Through our work we mobilise people and organisations to take action. We champion the voices of those who have experienced the challenges and work in partnerships and coalitions to call for an equal start for every child. 

By engaging key audiences, raising awareness through storytelling, research, media and fundraising, we can create an environment where political change can happen. And it can happen now. 

The magic behind breakfast is so much bigger than the meal itself, it’s the chance for every child to feel included, equal and set up for success.

So, join Magic Breakfast. Sign a petition, share a post, write to your MP, get involved in a campaign. You can make a real impact with us, one breakfast at a time.

Check out the campaigns page for more information.

This page was last updated on

3 January 2024

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