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Magic Breakfast is incredibly lucky to work with a host of famous faces, each passionate in their support. They know, as we do, that a hungry child can’t concentrate and can’t fulfil their potential. They give their time so generously to stand with Magic Breakfast and ensure no child is too hungry to learn and for that we couldn’t be more grateful.

Celebrity Supporters

  • Big Zuu

    The newest member of our Magic Breakfast family is TV foodie Big Zuu. He recently visited a school in North London to help students whip up a very special breakfast to raise awareness of our Fuel For Success campaign. This experience was filmed to be shared across our social media channels.

    “Breakfast is such a huge part of my day and it should be the case for everyone. To know this isn’t and that there are millions of children at risk of going hungry each day just breaks my heart.”

    “Magic Breakfast is doing an incredible job in trying to deal with the immediate problem of providing a breakfast each school morning to young people in some of the most disadvantaged areas of the country, as well as campaigning for long-term change. I’m privileged to be able to support their work. These children are our future so please get behind Magic Breakfast and let’s make it brighter, one breakfast at a time.”

  • Jacqueline Boatswain

    Actress and former Hollyoaks Star, Jacqueline Boatswain was happy to join Magic Breakfast in celebrating World Teachers’ Day. She recounted memories of her ballet teacher for the content which appeared across our social media channels.

    Magic Breakfast feeds many thousands of schoolchildren who start their day hungry. The importance of this nutritional breakfast cannot be overstated. If you’re hungry you can’t learn. If you can’t learn it has a massive impact on your school day; school term; school year and on your life going forward.”

  • James Corden

    Actor, writer and presenter, James Corden has supported Magic Breakfast for the past several years. Not only did he give an interview for our Times Christmas Appeal, but his support of Magic Breakfast led to a surge in donations from BTS fans following the K-Pop band’s appearance on The Late Late Show.

    Promo pic. Credit: Terence Patrick

    I think what I love about Magic Breakfast is the absolute simplicity of it. They have an absolute purpose, an absolute vision and an absolute goal they want to achieve.”

  • James Cosmo

    We were thrilled to have James Cosmo join us on a school visit to Glasgow as part of our Breakfast Can’t Wait campaign. The Scottish actor well known for films such as Braveheart, Highlander and Troy, appealed to the First Minister to make good his government’s promise to provide every primary school pupil with a free school breakfast. We are still waiting…

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially for children. It’s vitally important that they are fed to enable them to concentrate in class. There’s a deeper meaning to it all too, which says to them, our society cares about you.”

  • Larry Lamb

    Loved by legions for his role as Mick Shipman in the hit series Gavin & Stacey, actor Larry Lamb has supported a number of different campaigns over the years including our Times Christmas Appeal, Great Big Breakfast and the Big Give as well as getting up early to visit Magic Breakfast partner schools.

    Magic Breakfast is one of the most important charities working in this country, doing its best to look after children, and one that I am proud to support.”

  • Lucy Beaumont

    Comedian Lucy Beaumont, who appears with husband Jon on Meet The Richardsons and on-screen more recently in Taskmaster, has thrown her weight behind a number of different initiatives. These include The Times and i newspaper Christmas Appeals and our Great Big Breakfast. Lucy has given media interviews and starred in social media reels to promote our work.

    Magic Breakfast is an amazing charity, tackling an immense need and providing a lifeline for children in some of the most disadvantaged areas.” 

  • Marcus Wareing

    Celebrity chef Marcus Wareing reflected on his time at catering college to pay tribute to a very special lecturer for World Teachers’ Day. The star of MasterChef: The Professionals and Marcus Wareing’s Tales From A Kitchen Garden voiced his thoughts for our social media campaign.

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially when it comes to our young people. They are the next generation and we need them to learn and expand their imagination. They can’t do that on an empty stomach. That’s why, as a chef, it is fabulous to support Magic Breakfast, a charity which enables youngsters to fuel their brain, enjoy learning and absorb as much as they possibly can.”

  • Peter Capaldi

    Former Doctor Who and award-winning actor and director, Peter Capaldi, lent his voice to a special film to mark Challenge Poverty Week. Peter narrated the video showing the long-term impact breakfast can have in helping a child reach their potential and tackle poverty.

    Kids going hungry in twenty-first century Britain should not be an issue. But it is. By stepping in to give breakfast to any child that needs it in the positive and non-judgemental atmosphere of their school breakfast clubs, Magic Breakfast is helping to provide a crucial and sensitive response to this situation.  I’m grateful, and full of admiration for them.”

  • Russell Tovey

    Famed for roles in Being Human, Him and Her and more recently the hit comedy Juice, actor Russell Tovey is a long-standing supporter of Magic Breakfast. Russell has seen our impact first hand with breakfast club visits, supports our annual Great Big Breakfast, gives media interviews and frequently promotes our work on social media. He has also curated an art print sale with Counter Editions involving several globally renowned artists to raise funds for the charity.

    One thing I am passionate about is education. The thought that there are millions of children who are unable to concentrate or enjoy school because they are hungry is unbelievable. It’s truly wonderful that Magic Breakfast is there and long may they reign. No kid should ever go hungry.”

  • Sarah Hadland

    Star of Miranda, actress Sarah Hadland, joined a number of supporters to share memories of their favourite teacher to mark World Teachers’ Day across our social media channels. Sarah also supports our Great Big Breakfast campaign and is an active sharer of our social media content.

    Promo pic. Credit: Alisa Conan

    I think Magic Breakfast is an amazing charity. Breakfast was and still is one of my favourite meals. I know I can’t function properly if I haven’t had my breakfast. I’m grumpy and can’t concentrate. I can’t remember my lines. The fact is everybody manages their day better if they’ve had breakfast and so by starting with a full tummy every child gets a fair chance at school.”

  • Steph McGovern

    Broadcaster and presenter, Steph McGovern, visited a school breakfast club in North Shields as part of our Times Christmas Appeal. She has also given media interviews on behalf of Magic Breakfast and voiced her support of the charity on her former Channel 4 discussion programme, Steph’s Packed Lunch.

  • Will Poulter

    Star of Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 3, Dopesick and The Bear, Hollywood actor Will Poulter is a firm supporter. Youngsters at one South London primary school were excited to see him serve up breakfast and hear him speak in assembly about his acting career as part of our Great Big Breakfast campaign. He also cooked up a storm with recipe platform MOB to create a healthy breakfast to help support Fuel For Success, which aims to highlight the importance of eating breakfast for those youngsters sitting summer exams.

    The work of Magic Breakfast is absolutely vital to supporting children in this country, where millions of students go to school hungry. With the growing rates of financial insecurity in the UK, the importance of the support provided by Magic Breakfast cannot be overstated. It’s an honour to support them in their efforts.”

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3 January 2024

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