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Quite simply we exist because we’re needed. Four million children, that’s one in four children in the UK are at risk of going hungry each morning.

For over 20 years, we’ve provided breakfasts in schools without barriers – making sure every child feels included and ready to learn. We started small, delivering food to five schools in Hackney, London. Today, the demand for our services is higher than ever, so we had to evolve. We’re now a UK wide charity, providing breakfasts to hundreds of schools and thousands of children up and down the country. We continue to support those in need right now but we’re also working to eliminate the problem once and for all.

Find out how our journey started

My mum often used to invite children into our house for beans on toast after school. I remember watching them eating with urgency. My mum used to say they didn’t have enough at home to keep them going. That stayed with me.

Widespread hunger among schoolchildren is in our communities. And the consequences go beyond the school gates – they intensify inequalities, health issues and continue the cycle of poverty in society.

This combination of food insecurity and working families having to get out of the door earlier in the morning for work means that children are often caught up in rush and busy-ness. Offering breakfast at school is vital, helping parents get to work on time and helping older children juggle their morning responsibilities.

Magic Breakfast helps schools provide pupils with a calm start to the day and ensures that tummies are full, and heads are ready to learn. 

The most complete solution for ending child morning hunger is through long-term funding with the national Governments. So we’re closing the gap one breakfast at a time, but to eliminate child hunger for good, we must work together. If we can all better understand the root causes and find practical solutions to address them, we will create a healthier and more equal society.

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3 January 2024

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