We understand that it’s important that when public-facing brands choose to work with us, they want to be confident that Magic Breakfast’s cause is one that is close to the hearts of their customers. 

A recent report has shown that poverty, hunger and homelessness in the UK came out as the number one cause that consumers in the UK care about. Meanwhile, Climate Change has now moved from the top place in 2022 to the fourth most important cause to UK consumers. As the report notes:

When people are struggling with how to secure their most basic needs, they have limited bandwidth to look up from the day to day.

The research, conducted by agency Revolt saw 5,000 consumers from five different countries (UK, USA, China, Brazil and India) contribute, with the results collated into a list of 50 causes that matter to them, ranked in order.  

As the report summarises:

The shifts in this year’s rankings reflect an increasingly inward-focused UK attempting to deal with major issues at home. ‘Poverty, hunger and homelessness in my country’ tops the list of causes, while ‘extreme poverty around the world’ has dropped out of the top 10 rankings for the first time.” The report acknowledges that the rising concern of this issue in the UK has been influenced by the cost-of-living crisis.  “With average world inflation currently running at over 8%, and many countries seeing double digit inflation in the last twelve months, issues relating to poverty, hunger and homelessness are at the forefront of people’s minds.

Meanwhile, ‘Access to Quality Education' is considered the 15th most important cause among the consumers in the UK that took part in the research, with ‘Obesity, Access to Healthy Food and Exercise’ ranking at number 35. The report predicts that in 2023, consumers will be:

...increasingly reliant on brands, particularly FMCG, to help provide affordable nutrition in the form of product innovations, partnerships, meal programmes and charity donations.