Pupils arriving at a North London school may have been forgiven for thinking they had stepped into an East End market as the cry of ‘come and get your bagels’ filled the air.

Greeted in the playground with a tray of bagels by the larger-than-life Gavin & Stacey actor and soon to be Strictly Christmas star, Larry Lamb, the children excitedly took a piece or two before heading into school.

Larry, a guest of Magic Breakfast and an avid supporter of the charity, visited Kenmont Primary School to see its breakfast club in full swing for The Times Christmas Appeal.

As well as handing out playground bagels, he helped prepare and serve food for children attending the club inside and was even on hand to help with some tricky maths problems regarding his age! ‘How old will I be when you’re 20?’, he asked. The reply simply came back – ‘dead’. Thankfully Larry’s sense of humour is as strong as his passion for Magic Breakfast!

He said:

Magic Breakfast is one of the most important charities working in this country, doing its best to look after children, so I can’t think of a more worthy cause for this year’s Times and Sunday Times Christmas Appeal.


It’s awful to think how many youngsters arrive at school without having a proper breakfast and my heart goes out to all the families who are working hard but feel like they aren’t doing enough. There isn’t a parent around that would want to send their child to school hungry. Magic Breakfast is helping by alleviating a bit of this pressure, which is great. 


A good breakfast is essential and a keystone of the day. Children can’t work on an empty stomach; they’ve got no energy and will be sleepy by mid-morning. Providing a child with something to set them up for the day is both a joy and a gift. We’re building the next generation here! 


Right now, it’s a hard time for everyone, but no amount is too small. For 28p, anybody can pay for a breakfast. If you can afford a little, then please do, and if you can afford a lot, then get in there!


Thank you so much for giving up your morning Larry. Your support means the world.