27 May 2020 

Last week we turned our attention to the wonderful teachers and support staff in our partner schools, without whom we wouldn’t be able to reach the children who need a Magic Breakfast.

Schools have worked so hard, not just organising breakfasts for the few children who are in school, but also organising receipt of deliveries, picking and packing hundreds of food parcels and often driving around their local communities themselves delivering the breakfasts to the families who need them.

We joined in the thanks on National Thank a Teacher Day and then on Friday, with the help of some of the fantastic restaurants who support us we were able to offer some of them a lunchtime treat.

Huge thanks to our friends at Dishoom, D&D London and Pizza Pilgrims for your generosity. As we all know, the hospitality industry has been hit hard by the current crisis, so offering free meals as mark of respect for the wonderful school staff was amazing. Deliveroo stepped up to distribute the meals and where there was a gap in the service one of our own staff (with her Mum) drove around delivering too.

In the end 530 delicious lunches were delivered. We would have loved to have offered lunch to more schools, but we were restricted by restaurant capacity and delivery areas. It’s not quite the same as lunch but we send our love and thanks to school staff everywhere who are going above and beyond to ensure children can still access their education and receive a healthy breakfast to support their learning.

“Thank you so much! It was incredibly delicious- my goodness! Staff are feeling cherished.”

“This is absolutely amazing! It really has been a week of challenges with all that is happening for schools – such kindness is so appreciated.”

We were delighted to hear from so many that our #Treatforteachers had gone down so well.

As one of the teachers said, “there is such a thing as a free lunch!”