23 March 2020

As many schools remain closed under lockdown, we are working to ensure that children from our 480 partner schools still get their Magic Breakfast.

Magic Breakfast normally provides healthy breakfasts to 48,400 schoolchildren across the country. Following the government's instruction that schools should close, or stay open at a reduced capacity for vulnerable children and those of key workers, we are working with urgency to ensure that Magic Breakfasts are still available to as many children as possible, whether they are at school or home.  

·         Magic Breakfast is continuing to provide healthy breakfasts, via our partner schools, to children at risk of hunger during this period of crisis. To support this we are running a public campaign called Keeping Breakfast Going.

·         The situation within schools is very changeable at the moment as they adapt to cater for fluctuating numbers of children of key workers and vulnerable children, and deal with staff sickness and absences of staff with caring responsibilities.

·         Magic Breakfast, guided by our partner schools (and with the generous help of food and delivery partners Arla, Heinz, Kellogg's, Morrisons, New York Bakery Co, Quaker Oats UK), is delivering breakfast food to all those partner schools who have requested it – cereal, bagels, porridge, baked beans, vouchers for milk. Schools are then either feeding children at school, and/or making up breakfast packs to be collected by families or be distributed by school staff, or volunteers, safely to the doorsteps of families. 

·         To reach children whose schools are closed, Magic Breakfast is also arranging deliveries of breakfast food to alternative distribution sites (nominated by schools), and has expanded its long-standing partnership with Amazon to deliver breakfast packs for children to their homes. 

·         Quote from a Magic Breakfast partner school in Birmingham: “Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU on behalf of our staff and all our families for sorting Magic Breakfast during these unprecedented times. We were able to deliver all breakfasts to our most needy families.. covering over 100 miles in the process.”

·         Quote from a school in East London: “I just wanted to feedback our thanks for everything you're doing at Magic Breakfast.  Some of our parents were in tears this week (grateful tears) when they came to pick up their food. Thank you for everything!”

Your support is needed more than ever so that we can carry on providing breakfasts to the children who rely on us. 

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