1 May 2024

Will Poulter and Mob cook up a storm in support of Fuel For Success!

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Magic Breakfast are incredibly excited to have the fantastic Mob and Will Poulter supporting Fuel For Success – our annual campaign where we work with amazing restaurant partners to fuel children and young people during exam season.

Will cooked up a storm in the Mob studio, creating mouth-watering chipotle mushroom and egg breakfast tacos (we all know what we’re making tomorrow!), highlighting the importance of a nutritious breakfast to start the day. Discover the recipe for this healthy, high protein meal.

As well as showcasing his wonderful cooking skills, Will also discussed with Mob everything from his continued support for Magic Breakfast, the importance of our Fuel For Success campaign, and trying his hand at the daunting world or desserts.

Through Magic Breakfast’s work, they’re able to feed 200,000 kids a day. Obviously, though, there’s still a need for more support and expansion because the number of kids going to school hungry far exceeds that number. It doesn’t seem particularly fair to expect kids to feel their best from a physical and mental perspective if they’re going to school hungry. Nor can you expect them to fulfil their potential.”

Thank you to Mob for your support in our campaign, and to Will Poulter for your continued commitment to Magic Breakfast’s vision that no child or young person should be too hungry to learn. Together, we can fuel futures! Head over to Instagram to watch Will Poulter and Mob in action. There’s so much to come throughout Fuel For Success, so make sure you give us a follow and prepare for more exciting content!

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1 May 2024

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