Wildcat recipe 


1 Weetabix 

4 strawberries 

4 blueberries 

1 orange 

4 raspberries 

½ kiwi fruit  

½  banana 

¼ melon 

2 raisins 

4 pomegranate seeds 


Cut three of the strawberries in half length-ways and cut the last on in half width-ways. 

Slice the banana so that you get small circles, then cut one of the circles in half. 

Carefully peel the kiwi, then slice into thin strips. 

Peel the orange, then pull apart the segments. 

Slice the melon so that you have one large round circle, then carefully remove the skin of the melon. 

Using the image of the Weetabix Wildcat, recreate it with the fruit you’ve prepared. 

Then tuck in and enjoy!