It's DAY TWO of #MagicBreakfastWeek 2017, a week dedicated to all things that are magical about breakfast. Our Nutrition Manager, Harriet Green, has compiled some healthy breakfast recipes using each element of a Magic Breakfast, which we will be showing you throughout the week. 


We are very lucky to work with the fabulous team at Bagel Nash who are based in Leeds and who provide the 31,000 children at our partner schools with nutritious bagels each morning. 


Take a couple of big spoonfuls of Low Fat Plain Yoghurt and mix in a drop of honey. Yoghurt is a great source of calcium, for strong bones and teeth, as well as protein.  

Spread the yoghurt on to both halves of a sliced bagel and artfully arrange sliced peaches (tinned, in fruit juice) on the top. Fruit adds fibre to your diet. 

Finally, add a sprinkle of raisins and cinnamon on the top for a little added colour and flavour. 

And there you have it - a delicious, quick and healthy breakfast!

Check back with us tomorrow when we'll be topping our cereal with some more, equally delicious and nutritious, things!