Bank of America supported our Keeping Breakfast Going campaign, donating the equivalent of almost 150,000 breakfasts and providing a lifeline for children who may have had no food at home, and for parents and carers who took comfort in knowing their children were fed at the beginning of the day.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch UK Charity Partner 2017-2019

This transformative 2-year partnership provided 1 million healthy breakfasts and expert support as Fuel for Learning, unlocking the potential of thousands of otherwise hungry or malnourished children each day.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch - ensuring no child is too hungry to learn by:

  • Unlocking learning: Opening up to 4 hours of classroom learning for children who start the day at risk of being too hungry or malnourished to learn by providing a nutritious breakfast every day and expert support to help the whole school maximise education.
  • Investing in children’s life chances: Improving education and health outcomes which increase the likelihood of social mobility and improve a child’s life skills including: attendance, punctuality, attendance and behaviour.
  • Ending classroom hunger as a barrier to education:  Improving the capacity of Magic Breakfast in order to solve the problem for good by 2020. This means no child starts their day too hungry or malnourished to learn in the UK.

Our partnership was launched on 28th February, 2017.  Please follow this link to our press release:

In the photo you will see volunteers from Bank of America Merrill Lynch and the breakfast club children from Woolmore Primary School in Tower Hamlets, London.