20 September 2022

Magic Breakfast Partner School Survey 2022: Our year in numbers

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Every year we survey the partner schools we work with across England and Scotland. Hearing back from our partner schools is important because it highlights the impact our breakfast provision has on the children and young people we exist to support. It also helps us improve our intervention enabling us to reach more children and young people with a healthy breakfast to fuel learning. 

From a sample of 801 of our partner schools, 81% of schools believe that child hunger has increased in their community in the last year and 94% believe poverty has increased

With the lingering consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic and the emerging cost-of-living crisis, hunger and financial hardship were sadly, but not surprisingly, common themes in this year’s survey.  

The impact of the cost-of-living crisis is really taking hold. The children are coming to school hungry and in the need of basic food. Without Magic Breakfast these children would simply be starving all day until lunch. 

Magic Breakfast Partner School, Yorkshire And The Humber 

Many schools reported that hunger and poverty was having a detrimental effect on children’s ability to concentrate and engage in their lessons. Hunger often manifests itself as lethargy or disruptive behaviour, which ultimately leads to pupils not reaching their academic potential.  

Covid-19 and the current cost-of-living crisis have undoubtedly exacerbated many of the existing problems faced by our school communities and this is why it is so important that we have been able to reach over 200,000 children and young people with a healthy breakfast each school day. On average 204 pupils are receiving breakfast at Magic Breakfast partner schools, an increase of 102% compared with prior to the pandemic. This increase highlights the detrimental impact of the pandemic and the current cost-of-living crisis.  

As the reality for disadvantaged children and young people is becoming ever more precarious, Magic Breakfast’s mission to end morning hunger as a barrier to learning in the UK has never been more important. Many schools reported that our breakfast provision has been pivotal in supporting their community in ensuring no child is too hungry to learn. 

Without the opportunity to have Magic Breakfast, many of our pupils would not be able to function, let alone access their learning. A good healthy and hearty breakfast starts them off in the right manner; it gives them energy and stamina – just what they need to motivate and inspire learning!  

Magic Breakfast Partner School, South East

School breakfast provision has a range of positive impacts for a child from better concentration in class to improved mental and emotional wellbeing. This year’s survey reveals the impact of our breakfast provision across a range of outcome areas:  

My concentration levels are better after I have eaten in the morning. I’m grateful for the breakfast that the school provides.  

Pupil, Scotland

We know that schools and communities are facing many challenges and that is why we are so proud to partner with schools and raise awareness of the issue to end child morning hunger, for good. 

In the aftermath of the pandemic, and as a consequence of the current cost of living, more children are asking for extra bagels. Being able to provide this for the children has been great; tests results are going up and concentration levels are increasing. Providing all our students with breakfast food also ensure that no one is discriminated against due to their current situation. It also allows us to reach the children who may need help that haven’t come up on our radar.” 

Magic Breakfast Partner School, North West 

Thank you to our partner schools that took the time to complete our survey- together we can ensure no child in the UK is too hungry to learn!  

Magic Breakfast Partner School Survey 2022: UK-wide results
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Magic Breakfast Partner School Survey 2022: Scotland results
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  • Published: January 2024

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