7th September, 2018

It’s back to school for children in England and Wales this week and we are delighted to report that a greater number than ever will be enjoying a Magic Breakfast.

We are now providing healthy school breakfasts to 40,300 children each school day - that is an increase of 8,000 over the last two years. We are delighted to be supporting 480 schools. Of those, 24 are in Scotland. We only launched in Scotland in March this year and we are already reaching 900 children there.

Earlier this week a headteacher contacted us to say he was excited to have a freezer full of bagels and he was looking forward to exciting times providing breakfasts for hungry children. It has been lovely to see tweets with pictures of children enjoying a school breakfast for the first time. We know the difference it is going to make to those children and to attendance, behaviour and results at the schools. Our aim is for no child to be too hungry to learn, we’ll keep spreading the magic.