Monday 18th April.

Pineapples, we were happy to learn this week, are a traditional symbol of hospitality. They are so loved by food writer and presenter, Rosie Birkett, that she made them the focus of a presentation, on the importance of eating a nutritious breakfast before exams, that she gave to Year 6 pupils at Mandeville Primary, Hackney. Pineapples, she told them, are a particularly good source of Vitamin C. 

Rosie showed the children how to handle and prepare the prickly fruit and gave them some easy, healthy breakfast recipes that anyone of any age can prepare.  

We want to give all Year 6 pupils at all our partner schools a healthy breakfast before their SATS exams in May so they can focus and not be distracted by hunger. To donate text SATS05 £5 to 70070 or follow this link