3 September 2019

At the end of each school year we send our partner schools a measuring and monitoring survey to assess the impact of our breakfast provision. The figures tell an interesting story.

The big picture is worrying. 70% of schools who responded, said they believed that child hunger had increased in their school community over the last year.

To tackle this 90% of respondents said that they target particular children for attendance at breakfast to ensure that those most in need are fed.

*Based on the 334 schools that actively target pupils for attendance 

On a positive note, we are reaching more children than ever. On average 101 children are enjoying a Magic Breakfast each school day in each of the 480 schools we support. That adds up to 48,480 children. In the last school year as part of our breakfast provision, we provided an incredible 2,892,096 bagels and nearly 3 million bowls of cereal (2,963,832)!

The impact of breakfast provision is always encouraging too. This year 92% of respondents reported an improvement in readiness to learn among pupils who had attended breakfast.

Schools also see a marked improvement in attendance and punctuality. 83% of schools reported improved punctuality and 84% reported improved attendance. A healthy school breakfast has an impact on children’s emotional state too, 82% of respondents reported that they saw improved mental well-being. Improved behaviour, concentration, attendance and energy levels all add up to improved educational attainment.  

We know the positive impact a Magic Breakfast makes, and we will continue to provide Fuel for Learning whilst hunger is still a barrier to education.