27 March 2020

Our aim is to ensure that children who would normally receive our healthy school breakfasts do not miss out during this crisis. We will be keeping breakfast going.

It will be a challenge, but over the last week we’ve been humbled by the offers of support that have come flooding in. From large corporate organisations like Heinz, Quaker, Weetabix and Kelloggs, New York Bagel Company and Amazon, to individuals contacting us asking if they can help deliver breakfasts to children who would otherwise go hungry.

With so many schools closed, we are working to find new ways to reach those who need our support. We are mapping where all the offers of support are coming from, be they delivery companies, restaurants or community groups. We are also working with other charities and organisations we can partner with, to maximise the impact.

However, we do need your help. Like so many charities we are finding our income is taking a hit as companies close their doors. We have always been lucky to have great support from the hospitality industry, funding which now, of course, has been paused.

We want to ensure we can continue to reach all the children who would normally be receiving a healthy Magic Breakfast at school. Please donate if you can and spread the message on social media #KeepingBreakfastGoing

One of our partner schools sent us this message:

On Friday I sent two brothers home with several bagels, beans, juice, a box of cereal and a couple of other items. Their Mum’s thanks and gratitude warmed and broke my heart all at once. Please pass my thanks onto the rest of your team as you’re helping so so many families like this”

Thank you for your support. Stay well.