13th April, 2016

Year 6 pupils at St Michael's Primary, Camden in London, had a VIP visit today as part of their prep for SATS exams in May. As all our partner schools know, eating a healthy breakfast helps children to settle down and concentrate in their morning lessons or exams. The Head Chef at Dishoom restaurant, King's Cross, came to share some healthy recipes and tips with the pupils for filling and nourishing breakfasts that are really easy to prepare, however old you are. 

And here's the winning breakfast! Congratulations!

We are fundraising in the lead up to 9th May, when SATS begin, so that we can give every Year 6 pupil in each of our partner schools a great breakfast as 'fuel for SATS'. It may be the first exam many of them have taken so they will have enough to worry about without having the added distraction of hunger. We can provide a healthy breakfast to a child for 22p. Details of how to donate are here