10 February 2020

For those not up on K-pop, let me explain. BTS (also known as the Bangtan Boys) are a phenomenally successful band from South Korea. The band have an amazing following of fans who call themselves BTS Army. The band recently appeared on the Late Late Show in the U.S. hosted by Magic Breakfast supporter, James Corden. The ‘Army’ were delighted by the way James treated the band and the fans, so to show their gratitude one fan suggested they should give to a charity that James supports as a way of thanking him.

BTS has a reputation for being one of the most socially conscious groups in the world, they recently raised $1.4m for UNICEF for the fight to end violence against children. Each member of the band also has their own personal charity project. BTS encourages and inspires their fans to do good where they can.

What a twitter storm they created! The response was simply amazing. What was particularly lovely was that fans from around the world donated. Donations came in from 69 countries in total. Mostly small donations but they added up quickly, raising over £14,700 in a matter of days. The press picked up on the story and it was covered by among others, The Daily Mail, The Evening Standard and the Independent. James Corden joined in on twitter to say how incredible the response had been.


As donations came in we produced a map showing where they were coming from and the fans were so excited to see their country turn purple.


 The power of K-Pop fandom and social media. Thank you BTS Army!