Magic Breakfast and Heinz embarked on a partnership together in September 2019. Heinz are determined to harness their brand, expertise and products to make a positive impact on society.  

Heinz No Added Sugar Beanz are the cornerstone to our partnership. We started with 100 schools, providing a protein-filled addition to over 101,000 children’s breakfasts. In the wake of Covid-19, Heinz increased this, pledging a further 16 million meals since the start of the pandemic. Their support does not stop there.  

We are just getting started and together aspire to achieve transformational change for disadvantaged schoolchildren in the UK. 

Heinz has sought to add value to Magic Breakfast’s campaigning and advocacy work, which is vital in achieving our ultimate goal of free, universal school breakfast provision. Most recently in this area, we have worked with Heinz alongside Pro Bono Economics on a report showcasing the long-term cost effectiveness of a government-funded school breakfast provision.  

Our partnership with Heinz has also resulted in compelling, awareness-raising consumer-facing activations. In September 2020 we launched ‘Silence the Rumble’, a high-profile campaign, to raise awareness of the growing crisis of child hunger, whilst also encouraging donations to Magic Breakfast. The emotive campaign looked at the issue of hunger from a child’s perspective and was a huge success, both as an awareness-raising tool and one that secured £80,000 in public donations for Magic Breakfast.  

Our ambitious plans for our partnership include getting Beanz to even more schoolchildren, exploring ways for Heinz employees to mentor and inspire pupils, continuing to lobby government, and launching public awareness and fundraising campaigns profiling our partnership. 

“We all have a responsibility to build the future of our planet and it starts with ensuring every child, regardless of background, has the chance to succeed. For them to succeed, they need nutritious food to fuel their learning. This is why we are proud to be partnering with Magic Breakfast to give them just that.”  
Jojo de Noronha, President, Northern Europe