With an extra hour in bed, you'll be ready by 12:30pm on Sunday 28th October for a sumptuous brunch and cocktail or four to ease yourself happily into Winter. 

The first ever Magic Brunch fundraiser is being hosted by Bistrotheque who, together with The Good Egg, Polpo and Farmer J, will be providing a stunning food menu. 

Cocktails are by Three Sheets, and baking expert and TV presenter Juliet Sear is providing a show-stopping, breakfast themed cake! 

There will also be raffle prizes, a silent auction, DJ’s & more....

One ticket costs £65, which includes all food and four drinks for the ticket holder, as well as providing enough funds to give a hungry child a healthy breakfast every school day for a year.


Snacks by Bistrotheque

Polpo:  Ricotta doughnuts & cinnamon sugar

Farmer J:  ‘Sharing Shak’

Bistrotheque:  French toast, strawberry jam, fromage frais

The Good Egg:  Flatbreads and labneh with red harissa, pumpkin seed relish and soft boiled eggs

Cocktails by Three Sheets

Karma Cola Orangeade - Prosecco - Bergamot

Tomato Wine 
Vodka - Clarified Tomato - White Wine

Bloody Mary
Vodka - Paprika - Stock - Tomato - Spices

Rhubarb Spritz
Rhubarb - Vanilla - Gin - Soda

Apple Spritz (non-alcoholic)
Apple Cordial - Verjus - Soda.

Do come and join us. Get your tickets now! 

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