01/01/2024 – 31/12/2024


Skydive - Image of two people skydiving

Registration Fee: £70

Fundraising Target: £395

Location: UK wide

Date: Various dates

Free-fall thrill from high altitudes

Elevate your fundraising with a skydive. Select any day for your jump. Skydiving is available throughout the year across the UK. Simply choose your preferred date and airfield location upon registration and plunge 12,000ft for Magic Breakfast, creating an unforgettable adrenaline rush.

How it works:

  • Our recommended skydive provider, Skyline Events, will handle all jump logistics.
  • Choose from 21 UK airfields and provide your preferred jump dates upon sign-up.
  • Skyline Events will contact you after registration to plan your jump.


  • Register for £70 and commit to a minimum £395 sponsorship goal.
  • Aim to raise £395 two weeks before your jump date.

If you haven’t raised £395, you can still participate. You’ll need to cover the skydive cost upon arrival, typically around £200 depending on the jump site.

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4 January 2024

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