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The Magic Breakfast London Triathlon Team

8th August, 2015.

London Triathlon Magic Breakfast Team

[Photo from left to right: Jess, Rosie, Carmel, Alex, Mim]

Our CEO Carmel, Alex our General Manager, Mim and Rosie from our Fundraising Team, and Jess from the Schools’ Team are all (bravely) taking part in their first Triathlon this weekend to raise money for Magic Breakfast.

There has been much talk in the office of tri-suits, what to do if your bicycle gets a puncture, electrolytes, running shoes, nutrition etc. Colleagues appear at their desks with wet hair after an early morning swim or casually say they have been on a 10k run during their lunch hour!

The team were asked what their strongest discipline was:

Carmel: “I'm built more like a seal than a whippet so running is least good, swimming should be ok. Haven't ever been in the water in a wet suit...”

Alex and Jess: Running.

Mim: “Probably bike! I've done a 90 mile cycle in hilly Yorkshire!”

Rosie: "Swimming - my hands are paddles...!  I have been told I look like Rebecca Adlington!"

How have they been training?

Carmel: "Open water swimming holiday, commuting to work by bicycle."

Alex: "7am swimming training in Clapham weekly and morning swims at London Fields Lido. Cycling - not much - eek! Running - Lunchtime runs."

Mim: "Lots of swimming in London Fields Lido, running with Nike run club and my friend, a half triathlon in Devon which consisted of a surf board paddle, sand dune run and a hilly very wet cycle! Accidentally cycling 40 miles instead of 40km!"

Jess: "Running for 2 hours on weekends, cycling a lot and running for an hour before work a few times a week."

Rosie: "Regular swimming, including an open water swim recently."

What are the team most worried about?

Alex: “Sinking”.

Mim: “Being kicked in the face at the start of the swim, all sounds a bit hectic but I’m going to try to stay calm!”

Rosie: “Falling off my bike...”

Jess: “Nothing - just waiting around and I prefer to run in the mornings but won’t be on till 4-ish”.

Carmel: “Not at all worried, it's great to try these things and push ourselves – I am proud of the team for really going for it and raising some money for more children to get a good school breakfast”.

Magic Breakfast team "tri" hard for success!

5th August, 2015.

London triathlon

Five members of the Magic Breakfast team are hard at work training for the London Triathlon, which is taking place this weekend.

The team, including Founder and CEO Carmel McConnell, are taking part to raise money and awareness for Magic Breakfast.

Whilst the charity supports 444 schools across England, feeding more than 17,500 children daily, there is a sizeable waiting list of schools needing urgent support.

The Magic Breakfast Team champion a healthy lifestyle in keeping with the ethos of the charity’s work, which provides healthy and nutritious breakfasts.

The challenge will involve swimming 1500m, cycling 40k and running 10k in a bid to help get schools off our waiting list and on to a sustainable plan.

Good luck Magic Breakfast Team – we are sure you will be tri-umphant!

Runcorn All Saints CE Primary thanks players of People’s Postcode Lottery

20th July, 2015.

Runcorn All Saints CE Primary pupils

On Monday 20th July, Magic Breakfast visited Runcorn All Saints CE Primary School in Cheshire for a special event held to thank players of People's Postcode Lottery for supporting their breakfast club. The children really enjoyed their breakfast of porridge, cereal, bagels and orange juice, and had great fun creating happy "brekfaces" with fresh fruit.

People’s Postcode Lottery has been a partner of Magic Breakfast since January 2014 and helps to provide breakfast for 62 schools across the North of England, including Runcorn All Saints.

The school has been running a Magic Breakfast club since November 2014 and reports that the club is having a positive impact on educational attainment, attendance, concentration, energy and alertness in class, readiness to learn, general behaviour, social skills and eating habits.

Elaine Harrison, Headteacher, said: “Punctuality has improved greatly, as has attendance. This has been a great success […] I am delighted that take-up has been at least 42% of the school population”.

Mim McCulloch, Supporter Relationship Manager at Magic Breakfast, said: “The support we receive from players of People's Postcode Lottery is staggering! At Magic Breakfast, a little goes a long way so every £2.75 donated per £10.00 ticket sale, provides 12 children with a healthy breakfast as fuel for learning.  Thank you so much from the Magic Breakfast team and the children you are helping every day”.


A bagel topping a day keeps the breakfast club in play!

15th July, 2015.

Madison enjoying her Magic Breakfast

Over the past couple of weeks the Magic Breakfast nutrition team, together with volunteers from Morgan Stanley, have been busy visiting a number of our partner schools in a quest to encourage children to embrace new and healthy bagel toppings.

Visiting eight schools in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, the workshops were based on bringing new, affordable flavours and ideas to their breakfast clubs. The events were a great success and Monica Steinharter, Assistant Headteacher Inclusion, Woolmore Primary School said:

“Thank you [to your] team and the lovely volunteers for the magic bagel topping session yesterday. The children loved it - especially the girls - and I witnessed mountains of raspberries and blueberries on top of bagels! Thanks for making our morning merry and berry!”

The Magic Breakfast nutrition team is passionate about feeding both the minds and bellies of children and also gave pupils the "farm to fork" story of the bagel topping ingredients as the pupils enjoyed sampling them. Our Nutrition in Schools Manager, Harriet Green, said:

“It's been great doing the bagel topping events across our schools. The breakfast clubs are an ideal environment to introduce new, healthy flavours to children's diets as they feel more confident and open to new foods when they are with their friends.”

Thank you to all of the schools who hosted an event – we hope you are now enjoying the new flavours!

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