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30% decrease in concentration for rugby players not eating breakfast

7th October, 2015.

Day 3 of ITV Good Morning Britain's Phones For Food Campaign focused on a research project, conducted by St Mary's University, Twickenham, which measured the effects on a group of rugby players from The John Roan School of not eating breakfast.

The boys were split into two groups - one group ate breakfast each morning before being measured doing various forms of strenuous exercise. Another group didn't have breakfast. After just four days of not eating breakfast, it was found that the boys experienced a 30% decrease in concentration levels. One boy said "I feel really exhausted, tired".  Paul Hough, from St Mary's University said that if the boys skipped breakfast over weeks and months it 'might have an effect on their long term ability to retain information and learn'.  A Level student, John Ashbourne, said that he would definitely be having breakfast from now on as it could mean the difference between a pass and a fail in his exams.

Reporting from The John Roan School, Dr Hilary Jones told Good Morning Britain viewers that World Health Organisation research had shown a link between neurological disorders - mood, anxiety, depression - and skipping breakfast. Powerful reasons for all of us to eat a healthy breakfast every day.

Phones For Food Campaign: Day 2 at Haseltine Primary School

6th October, 2015.

Magic Breakfast at Haseltine Primary

Haseltine Primary School in South London were fantastic hosts for ITV's Good Morning Britain programme this morning, on Day 2 of our Phones For Food Campaign. Up to one hundred children attend the school's Magic Breakfast club each day and Head of School, Sara Anderman, told Good Morning Britain viewers about how her pupils go to class settled and ready to learn after having eaten a nutritious breakfast.

Magic Breakfast would love to be able to say that of every child in the UK, that they are able to make the most of their important morning lessons because they are not hungry and have had a healthy breakfast. By donating unwanted mobile phones to Good Morning Britain's Phones For Food Campaign, you can help us to achieve our aim.

Thank you - and thank you too to Good Morning Britain and the fabulous children and staff at Haseltine Primary!

ITV Good Morning Britain launches Phones For Food Campaign

5th October, 2015.

Good Morning Britain Phones For Food launch

It was very exciting for us to see Good Morning Britain's Phones For Food campaign launch on ITV today, championed by actress & celebrity chef, Lisa Faulkner.

The campaign is part of ITV's Tackle Hunger Together initiative. Good Morning Britain have chosen Magic Breakfast to be the beneficiary of the funds raised in Phones For Food for us to extend and maintain our breakfast provision, thus enabling us to reach even more hungry children. Good Morning Britain are also spreading the message about the importance of every child eating a healthy breakfast each morning.

Good Morning Britain are asking people to donate their unwanted mobile phones which will be recycled and, depending on what type of phone it is and the condition it is in, Magic Breakfast will get between 44p (the cost of two magic breakfasts) and £90 or so per phone (as many as 400 magic breakfasts!).

To find out where and how you can donate your phones, please see the Good Morning Britain website:

Any old phone will do! Very many thanks.
Fine Food & Family Fun at Hackney Village Fayre

12th September, 2015

Hoi Polloi at Hackney Village Fayre

On Saturday 12th September, Magic Breakfast and Park Hack hosted a village fayre in Hoxton Square, East London.

The fun-filled day, which included food stalls, games and music, aimed to raise money for Magic Breakfast and Pack Hack, a charity that regenerates green spaces in Hackney.

Food stalls from outlets such as 8 Hoxton Square, MEATMission, Bistrotheque, Hoi Polloi, Crumble, Happiness Forgets and the Rare Tea Company sold delicious treats including hot dogs, burgers, ice cream sandwiches and brownies to hungry fayre goers.

To help burn off the delicious food there were also traditional fete style games and fun, including face painting, splat the rat and a tombola, to the delight of both young and old!  Live acoustic music created a relaxed atmosphere and allowed everyone to relax and soak up the atmosphere in the sun.

Many thanks to all those who donated their time and efforts to the day – it was a wonderful success, raising several thousand pounds.

We are very much hoping to make the Fayre an annual event and are already looking forward to next year!

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