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National School Meals Week 2014: Magic Breakfast hold fruit brekface event at Snape Wood Primary in Nottingham



7th November 2014

The pupils at Snape Wood Primary School in Nottingham gave Magic Breakfast a lovely welcome at their breakfast club on 6th November at an event to celebrate National School Meals Week. Magic Breakfast had brought along a colourful range of porridge and bagel toppings for the children to try, including pomegranate seeds, pineapple, fresh coconut, bananas, berries, mango, apple, cinnamon, honey and cream cheese. The children’s challenge was to make a fruity face on their breakfast- it all disappeared pretty quickly!

The school also took the opportunity to thank Players of People’s Postcode Lottery who have been supporting Snape Wood Primary’s breakfast club, via Magic Breakfast, since January 2014. 70 children get their fuel for learning at the breakfast club between 8am and 9am each school day.

Breakfast Club Coordinator, Alison Howarth, said: “Without the support of Magic Breakfast we would not be able to offer a free breakfast to our children. They can eat as much as they want for free and this has helped with behaviour and concentration in the classroom, and outcomes of this facility are reflected in the pupils’ progress”.

Players of People’s Postcode Lottery support 30 Magic Breakfast partner schools in the North of England. With their funding, Magic Breakfast is able to provide free food to 1,500 children.

Our thanks to headteacher, Scott Mason, to Alison Howarth and to all the children at Snape Wood Primary’s breakfast club who were so adventurous with their topping choices and such great fun to meet.

Ridwan's pumpkin come to life at Aqua Shard

30th October 2014

Children from Ben Jonson Primary in Mile End got their creative hats on and sketched pumpkin designs for the chance to win a competition hosted by Aqua Shard.

Hugh Wright from Aqua Shard came to Ben Jonson Primary last week to do the judging, with over 30 brilliant designs they struggled to choose a winner so chose one winner and three close runners up.

Ridwan and the runners up were treated to a special Paddington Bear tea at Aqua Shard to say thank you for their imaginative drawings, which had taken two weeks to complete!

Ridwan was very excited to see his winning design carved on a real pumpkin by the chef and put on display at Aqua Shard over Halloween to scare away the ghouls! (every day 1,000 people will see the pumpkin).


Mim McCulloch from Magic Breakfast said 'It was wonderful to see the children's eyes light up as we looked out over London. None of them had ever been up so high and it was definitely an experience to remember'.

SMCP: State of the Nation Report 2014

20th October 2014

Magic Breakfast is dealing with the problem of child hunger as a barrier to learning in UK schools, offering practical food aid and support to hundreds of poverty hit schools where children arrive too hungry to learn. Poverty is getting worse in these school communities and we are pleased that Alan Milburn has spoken out in this report about the negative impact of inequality. The SMCP Annual State of the Nation rightly recognises that the economic recovery is not yet a social recovery, reinforcing our day to day experience in over 250 schools. In response, we call on all  political parties to commit to support healthy breakfast provision, via Magic Breakfast, in every school with over 35% free school meals. The report today is a warning - and we agree with CPAG - rising child poverty and hunger is a result of policy choices. And it just doesn't have to happen.

We know that parents on low pay run out of food, and children go hungry. That parents without work or access to benefits run out of food, and children go hungry. We hope, as a mature democracy, that education drives child attainment as well as improving the intellectual capital of our nations. But right now we are failing the hundreds of thousands of children who cannot learn simply because their life circumstances mean they cannot get enough good food. It is horrible for the child and shocking that we as a country tolerate it.

Behind the statements made by the Rt Hon Alan Milburn about the need for living wages by 2025, and the welcome urgency across all report recommendations, there are the tough daily realities of communities where social inequality is painfully abundant. About a million hungry school children may not be able to learn,  to qualify, to work and to enjoy a productive, healthy and happy life unless we take action. We have to invest urgently in social mobility drivers - one of which is surely to make sure no child starts their school day too hungry to learn.

Read the full report here


10th October 2014

Today Magic Breakfast visited St Eugene’s Primary in Camden to celebrate World Porridge Day. The team arrived early in the morning to set up a healthy porridge topping station to encourage the children to start eating porridge and choose tasty toppings.

Lynn the chef had boiled up a big vat of porridge which was ready to be served up at 8:30 on the dot.  As the children started to arrive, porridge was definitely the favourite choice. The children helped themselves to healthy toppings such as strawberries, blueberries, pomegranate seeds, pineapple, pears, yogurt, honey and cinnamon.

The aim of the day was to get children trying the porridge as many of the children hadn't tried porridge before and thought they wouldn't like it. Frankie from year  said ‘I’ve never had porridge before but it’s really nice’.

Headteacher Greg Donohue said: ‘Many of our children are from challenging backgrounds and would not have breakfast if it wasn’t for the Magic Breakfast club. Bad calories are cheaper than good calories and a lot of the children are suspicious of healthy foods. Porridge is such a good breakfast. By making porridge fun for the children and if they see their friends and teachers eating it, it will definitely encourage them to try porridge’.

‘We had one boy who was really anxious, nervous and chewing his sleeves. I asked his mum if she could just get up a bit early and bring him to breakfast club. He started coming and three weeks later he is a different child, playing with his friends and enjoying himself, his performance in school has improved so much!’.

Magic Breakfast receives porridge from Quaker Oats. They said: 'We are delighted Magic Breakfast is celebrating World Porridge Day by encouraging their partner schools to eat more porridge and try new toppings. Especially now the weather is getting colder, it is a great breakfast for the children. Each year we provide Magic Breakfast with 196,741 bowls of free porridge'.

Magic Breakfast is proud to support World Porridge Day, started by Mary’s Meals international charity, as we believe breakfast and especially porridge gives children the best start to their school day and fuel for learning.

St Eugene’s are now planning to start serving a big pot of porridge every Friday.

Happy World Porridge Day!

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