Over half a million children in the UK arrive at school each day too hungry or malnourished to learn*.  A hungry child cannot concentrate.  For 30p Magic Breakfast can give a child a healthy breakfast and wrap-around support at school, opening up four hours of crucial lesson time in the morning.

“We did have a couple of children who really did cry with the hunger. They didn't know what was wrong with them. They would say that their tummy was sore. But when you asked them 'When did you last eat?' or asked if they'd had anything that morning, you found they hadn't.” Patricia McGowan, the head of Abercorn Secondary, Glasgow, interviewed by the i newspaper.    

“At about 11:30 children start going to the classroom door because they can smell the school lunch and are hungry.  They can’t wait to get into the main hall to eat.  We have to ask them to sit down and wait. It’s heartbreaking.”

“Some of our children come to school with the remains of yesterday’s take away in their lunch box – some cold fried chicken (mostly bones) and a few cold chips.”

These are quotes from Staff at Magic Breakfast partner schools. We are keeping most of their identities confidential so that individual children can't be identified. 

Magic Breakfast Pupil Survey, designed to gauge the amount of hunger and malnutrition in a school, filled in by a pupil in 2015:

“These kids only have one chance at childhood, and one chance at education. Education is going to be their best way out of poverty. By feeding and valuing them, Magic Breakfast makes a practical difference to these children every single day.”

Quote from the Head of Extended Hours, De Bohun Primary School, London.


*"Breakfast consumption in UK schoolchildren and provision of school breakfast clubs". A Hoyland, KA McWilliams, RJ Duff & JL Walton: Nutrition Bulletin (2012), 37: 232-240.

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