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  • School Breakfasts and the Attendance Crisis in England

    A summary of the impact of breakfast provision on school attendance. This briefing shows how breakfast provision is a vital assets in the national mission to tackle the school attendance crisis.

    • Format: PDF
    • Size: 441KB
    • Approx read time: 10 mins
    • Number of pages: 4
    • Published: January 2024
  • Magic Breakfast Benefits of Breakfast Briefing - Cover Image
    Why Breakfast?

    A summary of the benefits of breakfast for children and young people and our models.

    • Format: PDF
    • Size: 2 MB
    • Number of pages: 5
    • Published: November 2023
  • Making_the_Case_for_School_Breakfasts - Cover image
    Making the Case for School Breakfasts

    Improved Educational and Health Outcomes for Children

    • Format: PDF
    • Size: 2 MB
    • Number of pages: 44
    • Published: September 2023
  • Funding a better start - Cover image of a child having breakfast
    Funding a better start

    Magic Breakfast is dedicated to ensuring no child or young person is too hungry to learn, and we want to empower schools to deliver for their pupils; at a time of extreme difficulty. Across England and Scotland school leaders are given the authority to deploy Pupil Premium and Pupil Equity Funding, respectively.

    • Format: PDF
    • Size: 4 MB
    • Number of pages: 13
    • Published: August 2023

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