Magic Breakfast is a charity registered in England (no. 1102510) and Scotland (no. SC048202) ensuring that no child is too hungry to learn through the provision of healthy breakfast food and expert support to schools. A hungry child cannot concentrate so will miss out on half a day of lessons, every day, if not given anything to eat.

Once a school has submitted an application for support, and we have checked that their eligibility fits our criteria, we will hold their details on file and contact them as soon as funding becomes available. For a school in England to be eligible, at least 35% of pupils should be recorded as eligible for Pupil Premium. A Primary School in Scotland qualifies for Magic Breakfast support when 55% (or above) pupils are in SIMD Decile 1 and 2 and/or 35% (or above) are eligible for FSM. A Secondary School qualifies for support when 40% (or above) pupils are in SIMD Decile 1 and 2.

We work with 480 Primary, Secondary and ASL/Special Educational Needs schools, plus Pupil Referral Units, to make sure that more than 40,300 children start their school day in the best possible way.  Our partner schools are in most counties in England. In Scotland the charity is working with 30 schools in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Fife, Inverclyde, North Ayrshire, West Dunbartonshire and East Ayrshire reaching over 1,000 children in Scotland every school day, with plans in place to begin delivering food and expert support to schools in Falkirk, North Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire later in 2019. We are currently researching the need for our services in Northern Ireland and Wales.

Map of the locations of Magic Breakfast partner schools, February 2019

"Magic Breakfast, for us, is our life-saver! Without their support we could not offer free breakfast to the many children within our school community who need it. With their help we are able to ensure most of our children start the school day on time and with a full tummy. Added to this, the Club gives the opportunity for children to talk to adults if they need to, and at times problems arising the night before at home can be unpicked and sorted out prior to the start of the school day. It is, without a doubt, one of the best things I have ever had for my school." Anne Elford, Headteacher, Windsor Community School, Liverpool.

What about the school holidays?

We are acutely aware of the need for breakfast provision in the school holidays too.  'Magic Breakfast 365' is a 'holiday hunger' scheme in the Poplar Partnership group of schools in Tower Hamlets, East London, whereby children can come to a local school to enjoy a healthy breakfast, learn cookery skills, play games, have some exercise and take home the food they have made for lunch.  The scheme is being funded by Morgan Stanley as part of their Healthy Cities initiative. 

Morgan Stanley is also funding a school holiday food and creative play project together with Magic Breakfast and PEEK, in the Sighthill area of Glasgow as part of their Healthy Cities initiative. The aim is to create memorable holidays for Sighthill children and their families, while teaching nutrition and play. The project launched in December 2017 with a holiday breakfast, lunch and creative play sessions, including cooking classes, and will continue each holiday in the coming year.

In the Summer of 2018, the Department for Education funded a number of pilot projects designed to help families struggling with the extra costs of food and childcare during the school holidays. One of these projects, 'Families, Food and Fun' was coordinated by Family Action, with additional support being provided by Magic Breakfast and the Brakes founded Meals & More programme. The programme offered children and their parents/carers free healthy food. Alongside this, a range of enrichment activities, including food preparation, growing food, cooking, budgeting, music, drama, crafts, and physical activity was on offer. There were also educational trips in the local community and signposting to local support services.

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