Once you have submitted your application for support, and we have checked that your eligibility fits our criteria, we will hold your details on file and contact you as soon as funding becomes available. For a school in England to be eligible, at least 35% of pupils should be recorded as eligible for Pupil Premium. A Primary School in Scotland qualifies for Magic Breakfast support when 55% (or above) pupils are in SIMD Decile 1 and 2 and/or 35% (or above) are eligible for FSM. A Secondary School qualifies for support when 40% (or above) pupils are in SIMD Decile 1 and 2.

As soon as we have raised sufficient funding to be able to offer you support, we will get in touch, and you will get a visit from our School Partner for your region.

First visit

At the first visit we aim to get a really good understanding of your school, your children and your community. The optimum breakfast provision ensures that every child can access a healthy breakfast, without barrier or stigma, but the way this is done can look very different from one school to the next. To be able to devise a provision that really works for you, and delivers all possible benefits, this understanding is vital.

We will then explain to you exactly what Magic Breakfast can offer in terms of food, resources and support, and how the food deliveries work. If you already have a breakfast provision, we might suggest ways in which you could expand your reach, overcome challenges, or add even more value to your provision.

Next steps

At Magic Breakfast, it is not just about the healthy food, delivered to your door (great though that is). Schools tell us that our ongoing support and bespoke advice is a highly valued part of our offering.

As we get to know you, we will be able to share strategies and best practice from other schools. With the experiences of over 960 schools under our belts, we have plenty to share.

Building the optimum provision takes time, so we will visit you regularly to find out how you are doing, to share more relevant resources or advice.

Always there

Over the following months and years, we will then work with you in a tailored way, according to need and how your breakfast provision develops. We will also offer support with measuring impact, strategies to bring in difficult to reach children, building nurture, engaging parents – and so much more!

As part of our amazing 960 partner school network, you will also have the constant stimulation and support of schools serving disadvantaged communities across the country. Schools always learn best from other schools, and in turn your bright ideas will feed back into the network to help others.

"It’s going fantastic. It’s now part of the routine. Really good, calm environment in the mornings – one of the best times in the day to be in school!" Carl Caitling, Parent Support Worker, Wendover House SEN, Buckinghamshire speaking about his school's Magic Breakfast club.