Once your school has signed up to Magic Breakfast, you will be asked to complete a short Food Order form. We will aim to have your items delivered to you the week before your provision starts so that you have everything you need in time.  

The frequency of your deliveries will depend on the size of your order. Most schools will receive a delivery each week, with some smaller schools receiving a delivery each fortnight.  

What food can my school get?

Our breakfast offering consists of fresh fruit juice, bagels, a selection of cereals and porridge.  All our breakfast products meet School Food Standards and regulations in England and Scotland. 

Our fresh fruit juice is kindly donated by Tropicana and you will receive a supply of juice with every delivery.   

Our bagels are made especially for us by Bagel Nash in Leeds and we buy them at cost price.  They are so popular that last year our children munched though over 2.8 million of them - this is why we like to call them "magic" bagels!  

Thanks to the support of Cereal Partners UK, we have a range of 5 cereals purchased at reduced cost. They all carefully chosen to ensure that they meet School Food Standards and Regulations in England and Scotland, and contain less than 15g of sugar per 100g. These are listed below:

Nestlé Harvest Home CORN FLAKES 
Nestlé Harvest Home CRISP RICE 
Original Shreddies 
Shredded Wheat Bitesize 
Nestlé less than 5% sugar oat Cheerios 

Porridge is supplied for free by Quaker. We are able to offer either Quaker Porridge Oats, which are very suitable if you are making porridge for large numbers, or if you prefer we also offer Oat So Simple which is very quick and convenient and very popular during the cold winter months. It is supplied in boxes of individual sachets. 

How does the food arrive?  

Our delivery partner Igloo Thermo Logistics will deliver your items straight to your school any week day, so please make sure there is someone to accept the deliveries and store away any chilled items.  

If you need to make any changes to you deliveries once they are up and running, just send us an email or give us a ring and we will be happy to help.

Our telephone number is 020 7836 5434 or you can email: [email protected]