17th March, 2016.

Schools have a vital role to play in teaching children about the importance of a good school food culture, which can significantly improve pupil health and wellbeing. However, many schools need support to take on this important role.


Over 40 expert organisations (including Magic Breakfast) have come together, to produce a free training resource to help all school staff understand the importance of a good school food culture and to support them to deliver improvements in pupil health and wellbeing. The resource is supported by the Department for Education and Public Health England. Find out more and download the materials here.


The launch of this new resource follows a national pilot with teachers, caterers and teaching assistants at over 30 schools and training providers. Feedback from more than 200 participants involved in the pilot has been overwhelmingly positive, with 94% rating the resource as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ and just under two thirds (65%) intending to make a change to their school food culture as a result.


The interactive resource summarises the ‘top line messages’ which explain why a good school food culture is so important. Crucially, there is also focus on highlighting what has worked well in other schools, in order to help participants identify some of the practical steps they can take to improve the food culture in their own school.


The resource will help bring together staff from across the school to help promote pupil health, wellbeing and happiness, something we at Magic Breakfast heartily agree with.