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School staff identified a child attending school late each morning. Staff were also concerned due to the child presenting hungry and unkempt. The child is a quiet, timid and shy little girl who is quite new to the school. School also became aware that mam was observed to be taking food and uniform from the school free provision service. The inclusion manager approached mam and invited her to a free parental workshop. When the relationship was formed, mam shared that she was single mother who worked a zero-hour contract which limited her benefits. This had resulted in mam struggling with her finances and ability to provide adequate food for herself and her child.  

School provided mam with help and support and signposted her to free organised events and food banks within the community. The provision provided by school gave mam the confidence to confide in staff and seek help if needed. The child was invited to the schools nurture breakfast provision in order to ease mams financial pressure. Since attending this provision the child presents to be a much happy and confident member of our school family.”

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18 December 2023

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