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I visited a Primary School in Manchester. Whilst I was standing in the reception area waiting for my visit, two Key Stage 2 girls came in. Both were happily chatting at first, then a few minutes later one of them was clearly very upset.

I spoke to the girl, Daisy, when she joined the breakfast club. She was given a warm bowl of porridge which she tucked in to. Interestingly, she used her pieces of toast like a spoon, scooping it up!

After eating breakfast she went to the activity table and by the time the club ended she was chatting and laughing ready for class. I was told Daisy had realised she’d left her swimming costume at home, and it was the class day to go. The staff offered to call the Daisy’s mum but she was incredibly kind and said her mum worked night so she didn’t want to wake her.

It was later discovered, a staff member had kindly taken the wet towel and costume hanging it to dry. So she had her swimming bag in school after all! All the pieces in this jigsaw of care for one little girl to have a good morning of swimming and learning.”

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18 December 2023

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