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I had a wonderful visit to a Primary School in Birmingham. I was lucky enough to be there on their first morning of toasting crumpets – safe to say, they were an absolute hit! I heard several children shout ‘YAY!’ when they were offered out by staff. I witnessed one little girl stop and run straight over to the crumpets!

The most moving moment for me was I noticed a little girl, Laura, sitting alone in the club looking rather sad. I went over and chatted to her but she was quite withdrawn. I asked if she’d had, or wanted, anything to eat and she said no.

I explained that I was from Magic Breakfast and was there to find out if the children liked the cereal, bagels and crumpets. As I said crumpet she looked straight at me and said, ‘I’d like a crumpet.’ I went to fetch one and promised I would pass on to my team that Laura liked the crumpets. The power of breakfast.”

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18 December 2023

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