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Busy prepping for #GreatBigBreakfast and we’re excited! @magicbreky 

We’re joining the fight against child morning hunger by raising money to fund breakfasts for schoolchildren. #MakeYourBreakfastMatter 

You could host your own #GBB23 – to find out more visit 

Or, how about something more like this?

Today, we enjoyed a special breakfast together in support of @magicbreky #GreatBigBreakfast! 

Not only did we enjoy quality time together whilst we ate delicious food, but more importantly we were raising money to fund breakfasts for schoolchildren across the UK. 

Why not could create your very own Great Big Breakfast and join the fight against child morning hunger! To find out more visit  #MakeYourBreakfastMatter 




  • Post about Great Big Breakfast on social media even if your event is virtual!
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  • Post images of people in distress or discomfort 
  • Post images without people's consent
  • Forget to tag Magic Breakfast so that, together, we can raise money, spread the word, build our community and fight against child morning hunger!

One thing I am really passionate about is education. I loved school and the thought that there are millions of children up and down the country who are not able to enjoy it or concentrate because they are hungry is just totally unbelievable. It’s extremely shocking to me.

Please support Magic Breakfast by getting involved with their annual Great Big Breakfast event. Host it in your house with all your friends, in your office, wherever. All we’re asking is that every person who takes part donates just £3, enough to feed a kid breakfast for two school weeks. Easy peasy right? It’s truly wonderful that Magic Breakfast is there and long may they reign. No kid should ever go hungry.

- Actor, Russell Tovey