5 July 2024

Dear Sir Keir Starmer and the new Labour Government…

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Dear Sir Keir and all members of this Labour Government,

We extend our congratulations to you on today’s election win and look forward to seeing you put the needs and futures of children and young people at the heart of your government.

Every child and young person, regardless of their circumstances, deserves to start their school day with hope, energy and opportunity.  For far too many, hunger at the start of the school day is a constant companion and barrier to their dreams. We know that poverty is one of the main reasons why 3 million children are at risk of starting their day too hungry to learn. 

Your manifesto commitment to free primary school breakfast clubs accessible to all children is a fantastic start towards ending child morning hunger. But you are yet to indicate how you plan to deliver this promise or when.

You must act swiftly and ensure you effectively power the learning, imagination and futures of the next generation. That’s why we are calling on the Labour government to set out a full implementation plan for long-term school breakfast provision in the first 100 days of your government. You must ensure that full school breakfast provision is offered in a stigma and barrier free way to every primary schoolchild across the country. 

Any school breakfast provision policy must focus on maximising pupil uptake by offering diverse, tailored delivery models and expert support for schools, to ensure effectiveness, reduce stigma, and improve educational and health outcomes.  

Magic Breakfast works to be part of the solution to end child morning hunger for good and, alongside our partners and supporters, we stand ready to support your new government in the service of the children and young people of this country, to give them the brighter futures that they deserve.

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5 July 2024

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