3 April 2024

Breakfast and beyond – Recipe for Change blog

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Read Magic Breakfast’s Campaigns and Policy Manager, Katharine Voss’ blog post for Recipe for Change. Katharine discusses the important role that food and drinks levies can play in funding children’s health programmes and access to good food.

Providing free, nutritious school breakfasts is a powerful tool to promote health, academic success and equity. The broad range of benefits extend far beyond simply providing a meal. There are profound implications for the physical, cognitive and emotional well-being of children and young people. A study by Leeds University found that young people who regularly ate breakfast achieved an average of 2 GCSE grades higher than young people who rarely ate breakfast.”

Breakfast and beyond: the magic of levies for supporting children’s health.

Magic Breakfast is part of the Recipe for Change campaign, read more about our coalition campaigning.

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3 April 2024

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