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We can’t meet our mission of ending child morning hunger on our own. We work alongside other wonderful businesses, charities and other organisations to pool our resources, skills and insight to fight for change. We’re proud to be part of:

School Food Review Working Group

Includes representatives of catering staff, school leaders, local authorities, experts, campaigners, and, of course, school children. As both a breakfast provider and an advocacy organization, we work together towards a future where barriers to classroom hunger are eliminated, and all children and young people are able to focus and thrive throughout the school day.

End Child Poverty Coalition

A group of around 80 organisations, charities, trade unions and faith groups, who are all working in concert to alleviate the symptoms and causes of child poverty across the United Kingdom.

Early Education and Childcare Coalition

Uniting the voices of all those with a stake in the future of early education and care – children, parents, providers, the early education workforce, and the wider business community.

Education Policy Institute

The Education Policy Institute is an independent, impartial and evidence-based research institute that aims to promote high quality education outcomes for all children and young people, regardless of social background. Their membership programme is designed to forge stronger links with businesses, organisations, and education providers who want to help expand dissemination of research.

Fair Education Alliance

200 organisations working together to make education fair. Educational inequality is not simple and lies in an intricate web of social issues. Addressing such complex problems will take more than one institution, one organisation, or even one government. Working together, learning from each other, sharing evidence and amplifying efforts through members’ networks to drive change more quickly.

Obesity Health Alliance

The Obesity Health Alliance is a coalition of over 50 organisations working together to reduce obesity by influencing Government policy.The goal of the Obesity Health Alliance is to prevent obesity-related ill-health by supporting evidence based population level policies to help address the wider environmental factors that lead to excess bodyweight.


Sustain advocates for food and agriculture policies and practices that enhance the health and welfare of people and animals, improve the working and living environment, enrich society and culture, and promote equity. Sustain lead on a number of coalition campaigns that we belong to, including Recipe for Change, Children’s Food Campaign and Say Yes to School Food for All.

Children in Scotland

A network of people working with and for children, alongside children and young people themselves, offering a broad, balanced and independent voice.

Stop the Squeeze

Stop the Squeeze is a coalition of civil society groups who are calling on the government to tackle the cost of living crisis by guaranteeing affordable energy, boosting incomes, and raising taxes on wealth.

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15 December 2023

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