The continuing aftereffects of Covid-19 and the current cost of living crisis are pushing thousands of families across the UK into poverty.  

Rarely has there been more need for intervention. 

We were delighted that, at their party conference earlier this week, the Labour Party boldly committed to providing fully funded breakfasts to every primary school pupil in England.  

This type of provision would help us fight the impacts of poverty. It would make sure that no child is ever too hungry to learn, play and thrive. It would relieve pressure on household budgets, as well as enable parents and caregivers greater flexibility in their careers.  

For hardworking families, funded breakfast provision in schools can be a lifeline. 

But it’s not just a powerful tool in crisis intervention. Independent research shows that breakfast provision demonstrably improves attendance, educational attainment (in both Primary and Secondary settings) and classroom behaviour, making it an investment in the future of our children, young people and even the economy.  


A single parent, with four children under seven, struggles with making ends meet and finds the morning routine stressful. Our school breakfast takes the pressure off the morning routine for her, she is able to get her children up and dressed without having to worry about the cost or stress of feeding them before they head out to school. They arrive at school, have breakfast and are ready to learn. 

-Magic Breakfast partner school 


Young people are at the heart of our work and deserve to be included in each step of the policy-making process.   

Our brilliant Youth Campaigner, Finley, was invited to attend the announcement, made during the penultimate day of the Labour Party Conference. It was fantastic to see that the Shadow Secretary of State for Education, Bridget Phillipson MP, shares our commitment to amplifying the voices and experiences of young people.  


It’s really good to hear Bridget announce the universal free breakfast policy. It was really good that she invited me – a young person – and it’s great to see young people being put at the heart of policy.

-Finley, Magic Breakfast Youth Campaigner 


One thing that has stayed with us since the conference is the profound level of consensus among all attendees that that no child should ever be too hungry to learn.  

This pledge from the Labour Party puts the education, health and wellbeing of children at the top of the agenda and is a crucial investment in their futures. We are committed to working with all parties at the national and local level to deliver the best possible outcomes for the children and young people we serve.  


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