We recognise that we have a responsibility to leave a better world behind for the young people we exist to support. That’s why we’ve just launched our Environmental Mission Statement, which outlines the commitments we are making to reduce our impact on the environment and clearly sets out responsibility for change. We recognise that at a critical time for the planet, Magic Breakfast must be part of the movement to protect life and ensure that the young people we serve inherit a habitable planet.  

Magic Breakfast’s Environmental Advisory Group will be supporting and championing the statement within the charity and forming a Low Carbon Action Plan (LCAP), which will specifically help us plan out how we will reach net zero by 2030. 

The only people that can save us are all of us, ourselves, and that means that we all have to be part of creating that change, and we all have to recognise the power that we have.

- Mikaela Loach