Child hunger is a major barrier to learning for children across the UK and, as such, has far-reaching impact on young people and their futures.

We are here to tear down that barrier.

To meet the country-wide need for change and reach our ambitious goals, we are proud to unveil our new values – the pillars that underpin and inform our work. These values reflect our beliefs, principles, and philosophies that guide what we do and the way we do it.

Open: We are committed to transparency and inclusivity

As an increasing number of issues seem to polarise the world, we believe that embracing the opinions of others, welcoming wider perspectives and valuing collaborative working is more important than ever. This underpins both how we work as a team and how we engage externally with stakeholders, funders, partners, schools, policymakers and, most importantly, the children and young people we exist to support. 

We work hard to ensure that every decision we make, and every action we undertake, embraces both transparency and inclusivity.


Solution-focussed: We are ambitious and impact-led. 

Issues are, more often than not, complex and multi-faceted. Sometimes the solutions aren’t obvious and, in fact, can even appear counter-intuitive. We realise that guesswork simply won’t work, which is why everything we do is based on evidence and underpinned by a strong understanding of the causes and consequences of classroom hunger.

Committed to ambitious goals and constant growth, we regularly conduct research into our impact. Evidence and research provide us the map, while passion for achieving tangible impact drives us forward.

Collaborative: We believe in the power of diversity and collective action. 

In all aspects of life, people are better when they are working together, finding common ground and working towards shared goals. At Magic Breakfast we are no different; we know that we will always be more effective working with others and will achieve more than we could on our own.

By joining together, we can better leverage skills, knowledge and learnings to become a dynamic force for change, more effectively working towards the best outcome for all children at risk of morning hunger. 

Compassionate: We care and want to help.

We don’t consider compassion to be just one of our values, it’s also the very reason why we exist and what we stand for as an organisation.

Kindness, empathy and understanding motivates us every single day and informs every action we take. Right through from our long-term strategic planning down to everyday tasks, compassion is at the core of everything we do and everything we are. This equally applies to how we treat each other as colleagues and partners, ensuring we’re always challenging and supporting each other with generosity, patience and warmth. 

Brave: We speak up and out, even when it’s hard.

We know our mission isn’t easy. There will be many challenges along the road but, even in the face of these obstacles, we will not shy away from our path. We will make brave decisions, adopt innovation and speak out when it’s right to do so. 

We are not afraid of speaking truth to power, holding the government to account, scrutinising public policy or highlighting the uncomfortable realities of children and young people living with food insecurity. We will amplify their voices and act as advocates when they are unheard. 

This spirited determination is how we will continue to grow as an organisation, how we will make the case for change to the government and, ultimately, how we will make a long-term difference to child hunger across the UK. 

Children and young people are at the heart of everything we do:

We are committed to putting the needs of children and young people at the forefront of every decision we ever make; the possible impact of our actions on them will be considered at every turn. We will always seek out, listen to, champion and amplify their voices, ensuring that everything we do is a fair representation of their interests and very much to their benefit.

We pledge to constantly learn and develop our understanding of classroom hunger, making sure that our breakfast provision is based on accessibility, maximises reach and is delivered with inclusivity in mind.

We will never lose sight of our ultimate aim of ensuring that no child in the UK is ever too hungry to learn.