Magic Breakfast can help your school!

  • Do you have children arriving at school without having eaten breakfast?

  • Are you noticing the effects of hunger in the classroom?

  • Do you want to ensure every pupil has the right fuel for learning?

Magic Breakfast supports schools across England with over 35% Free School Meal eligibility, or 50% Ever 6 FSM, working with them to reach the children most in need of a healthy start to the school day. 

The new government National School Breakfast Programme in England, being delivered by Family Action and Magic Breakfast, has its own criteria for eligibility. Please fill in the "Expression of Interest" Form (link, below) if your school is in a disadvantaged area of England and we will be able to tell you if your school is eligible for help under this scheme.

A Primary School in Scotland qualifies for Magic Breakfast support when 55% (or above) pupils are in SIMD Decile 1 and 2 and/or 35% (or above) are eligible for FSM. A Secondary School qualifies for support when 40% (or above) pupils are in SIMD Decile 1 and 2. We are planning to expand to Northern Ireland and Wales soon so welcome applications from all UK schools.  

We do have a waiting list of schools, but are committed to reaching each of them as soon as funding becomes available enabling us to do so. 

If you think your school could benefit from Magic Breakfast support then please download and complete an application form. 

Please click HERE to download the "Expression of Interest" form, then please email your completed form to  

[email protected] 

Thank you.