Magic Breakfast could help your school!

Do you have children arriving at school without having eaten breakfast?

Are you noticing the effects of hunger in the classroom?

Do you want to ensure every pupil has the right fuel for learning?

For a school in England to be eligible for Magic Breakfast support, at least 35% of pupils should be recorded as eligible for Pupil Premium.

A Primary School in Scotland qualifies for Magic Breakfast support when 55% (or above) pupils are in SIMD Decile 1 and 2 and/or 35% (or above) are eligible for FSM. A Secondary School qualifies for support when 40% (or above) pupils are in SIMD Decile 1 and 2.

We are researching the case for expanding to Northern Ireland and Wales so welcome applications from all UK schools in areas of disadvantage who have pupils at risk of hunger in the morning and for whom pupil hunger acts as a barrier to teaching.  

Please fill in an online "Expression of Interest" Form by clicking on the link below:

Magic Breakfast Expression of Interest form

Once you have submitted your application for support, and we have checked that your eligibility fits our criteria, we will hold your details on file.  As soon as we have raised sufficient funding to be able to offer you support, we will get in touch, and you will then get a visit from our School Partner for your region.