Hunger is soaring. It’s a proven barrier to learning, impacting the course of children’s lives. There are 4 million children at risk of going hungry every single morning in the UK.  

This is shocking and that’s why we’re here. We deliver breakfasts to children and young people in the most disadvantaged areas of the UK, fueling their learning, growth and futures. But the demand for our services is growing at an alarming rate, and we need support more than ever to keep up. 

Having breakfast every morning has real life impacts for children, from achieving better grades to displaying improved behaviour. Breakfast also has genuine effects on communities, helping families and providing a lifeline at a time of uncertainty fuelled by the cost of living crisis. 

Just 28p can provide a nutritious breakfast to a hungry child. We are so grateful for any donation you are able to give.


£4.55 could give 1 month of breakfasts to prevent a child falling behind in school 

£14 could feed 50 children on a school day, boosting reading and maths progress 

£54.60 could give a child 1 year of nutritious school breakfasts 

£100 could give 357 children the fuel they need to learn 

£250 could feed a child for more than 4 school years, giving them the chance to succeed 

£1,000 could provide a whole school with food and expert support for over a month 


Magic Breakfast provides a lifeline for children. I know times are tough right now, but, if you are able, please donate what you can.

Lucy Beaumont, actress and comedian