6 December 2022

An extraordinary school morning with Lucy Beaumont

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It might well have been cold and dark when we set out and, on the face of it, an ordinary Wednesday morning, but our early start in Sheffield was anything but ordinary. You see, we were on an exciting mission, buzzing to visit our friends at Arbourthorne Community Primary School with special guest, comedian Lucy Beaumont, as part of The Times Christmas Appeal.

The temperature outside certainly wasn’t matched indoors. We couldn’t have been greeted any more warmly as we were welcomed with open arms to the school’s Magic Breakfast Club, which was in full swing. Lucy was on hand to butter bagels, serve porridge to the children and even took a spot outside in the playground to help deliver the school’s grab-and-go service.

Speaking afterwards about the Christmas Appeal, she said:

As a long-term supporter of Magic Breakfast, I am thrilled they will be benefitting from The Times Christmas Appeal. No child should be too hungry to learn, but sadly this is the reality for millions of children at risk of food insecurity in this country. What’s even more shocking is that the number of young people arriving to school hungry each morning just keeps rising. 

Magic Breakfast provides a lifeline for some of these children in the most disadvantaged areas of England and Scotland, but we need your help to reach even more and ensure their tummies are full, giving them the fuel to learn.  

I know times are tough right now, but, if you are able, please remember Magic Breakfast this festive season and donate what you can via The Times Christmas Appeal. Your help has truly never been more needed. 

A big thank you Lucy for your giving your time so generously and supporting Magic Breakfast and The Times Christmas Appeal.

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